Windows 8 at first glance and how I get my Google back

Long time before Windows 8 was officially launched (October 26, 2012), it has been promoted by Microsoft’s officials as something special, as something completely different. They said that huge changes were implemented deep inside the OS.

They were right!

What actually surprised me at first, is the fact that Microsoft is currently offering an upgrade to Windows 8 PRO for just $39.99! This means that if you already do have a machine with Genuine Windows installed on it, you can afford yourself upgrade to the newest Windows platform for very low price and this never happened before! Worth to mention that offer is time limited and it is valid until January 31, 2013. So, hurry up.

After this date, you will be able to purchase Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for regular priceOpens in a new tab..

For all of you who have intention to use UPGRADE optionOpens in a new tab., make sure you first check whether your OS is upgradable to Windows 8Opens in a new tab. or not. Basically, it is applicable only on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (with SP3).

So, to satisfy my curiosity and explore the newborn Windows 8, I have installed it as a second operating system on my laptop.
What I saw, soon after I finished the installation, was this purple START screen:

Windows 8 START printscreen

It was really one unpredictable view! No old school “Start” button, no Desktop but plenty colorful flashy icons some of them static and some with rotating images, news updates and so on.

Most of us who are using Windows OS over the past years, know there were slight changes between two successive Windows OS versions and somehow we got accustomed to the common interface.
Now, we are facing a huge redesign of the START screen. I got an impression that there are lots of things hidden behind this new Windows 8 “look and feel”.

So, first thing I’ve tried is to get my Google back :).

Looking forward to share my upcoming experiences and challenges with Windows 8.

Milan Mihajlov

Professional Software Tester. Previously IT Specialist and Sys Admin helping many companies to improve their IT infrastructure, IT management and Help Desk.

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