My name is Milan Mihajlov and I am the guy behind HowToDigitalStuff. I call it also Personal Tech Diary.

Why am I here?

Well, in 2006 when I started my professional career as an IT Engineer, besides the engineering stuff I was doing, I was also working in helpdesk, thus providing IT support to my colleagues and customers. Soon, I found out that in most cases their questions were repetitive. On the top of this, the questions from my friends and relatives contributed to the idea.

In September 2012, I thought “Why not put all answers on one place, so when someone asks me how to do some geeky stuff, I write a how to guide and simply pass them a link”.

That is how HowToDigitalStuff was born.

You may ask how it can help you?

I see this blog as a helping hand, primarily to the non-IT people for a more efficient utilization of today’s technology in everyday life. Furthermore, IT professionals may find it as a particularly useful and time-saving tool when sharing the topics to their customers and acquaintances.

It is a Do-It-Yourself project including articles for everybody who consumes technology and I rarely know anyone who does not.

For example, people who use Gmail and other Google Apps (individuals, businesses or schools) might be interested in What is Google’s advice for tidy Gmail inbox or How to know when the recipient opened your email. Office assistants may be interested in Staying organized with Google SMS reminders.

Parents might be interested in How to protect their children’s activity on the social networks and prevent cyber bullying.

Those of you who strive for even more, may check How to protect home network from attacks.

These are only few of the many other interesting articles you can read here. In a nutshell, HowToDigitalStuff is for everyone!

Staying in touch

You can contact me through the Contact page and if you want you can propose some interesting tech-idea I can write for.

You can follow us on the social media: Twitter and Facebook.

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