My name is Milan Mihajlov and I am the guy behind HowToDigitalStuff. I call it also Personal Tech Diary.

Why am I here?

Well, in 2006 when I started my professional career as an IT Engineer, besides the engineering stuff I was doing, I was also working in helpdesk, thus providing IT support to my colleagues and customers. Soon, I found out that in most cases their questions were repetitive. On the top of this, the questions from my friends and relatives contributed to the idea.

In September 2012, I thought “Why not put all answers on one place, so when someone asks me how to do some geeky stuff, I write a how to guide and simply pass them a link”.

That is how HowToDigitalStuff was born.

You may ask how it can help you?

I see this blog as a helping hand, primarily to the non-IT people for a more efficient utilization of today’s technology in everyday life. Furthermore, IT professionals may find it as a particularly useful and time-saving tool when sharing the topics to their customers and acquaintances.

It is a Do-It-Yourself project including articles for everybody who consumes technology and I rarely know anyone who does not.

For example, people who use Gmail and other Google AppsOpens in a new tab. (individuals, businesses or schools) might be interested in What is Google’s advice for tidy Gmail inboxOpens in a new tab. or How to know when the recipient opened your emailOpens in a new tab.. Office assistants may be interested in Staying organized with Google SMS remindersOpens in a new tab..

Parents might be interested in How to protect their children’s activity on the social networks and prevent cyber bullyingOpens in a new tab..

Those of you who strive for even more, may check How to protect home network from attacksOpens in a new tab..

These are only few of the many other interesting articles you can read here. In a nutshell, HowToDigitalStuff is for everyone!

Staying in touch

You can contact me through the Contact page and if you want you can propose some interesting tech-idea I can write for.

You can follow us on the social media: TwitterOpens in a new tab. and FacebookOpens in a new tab..

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