How Many Watts Can A Smart Plug Handle (data provided)

Choosing which smart plug you are going to buy primarily depends on the power consumption of the device or appliance you are going to connect into the smart plug. The device you will connect into the smart plug has to be with lower power consumption than the maximum wattage the smart plug can handle which is given in the specification by the manufacturer.

The maximum wattage a smart plug can handle is up to 1800 Watts on a standard 120V US outlet.

This is enough to control fans, lamps, humidifiers, lights, coffee machines, and other household appliances up to 15A.

There are pretty inventive ways how to use smart plugs in the home. As for the power consumption, check this sourceOpens in a new tab. to see how much power typical household appliances use in Watts. It will help you realize whether the appliance you want to connect to a smart plug will draw more power than the smart plug is rated for. If it doesn’t draw more power than the rated power, it is expected smart plug to function properly and without any issues.

Maximum Watts A Smart Plug can Handle By Model

How many watts a smart plug can handle also depends on the power grid where it will be used. In the United States, for instance, where the power grid is 120V, the majority of the smart plugs available on the market are sized to handle up to 1800 Watts on a standard 120V US outlet.

Here is a comparison table where the most popular smart plugs are listed along with max Watts on a standard 120 Volt (60 Hz) US outlet:

Smart PlugMax WattsMax AmpsVoltage
Amazon Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
Kasa Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
Wyze Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
Leviton Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
Sonoff Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
SmartThings Smart plug1800W15A120 VAC
GE Cync Indoor Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
Emporia Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
Philips Hue Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
ConnectSense Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
HBN Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
Meros Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
WiZ Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
Sylvania Smart Plug1800W15A120 VAC
GHome Mini Smart Plug1200W10A120 VAC
Avatar Smart Plug1200W10A120 VAC
Specs of most common smart plugs for US power grid

The formula for calculating Wattage is:

Wattage = Amps x Volts (Amps multiplied with Volts).

In case you have a smart plug where only Amps and Voltage are given, you can easily find the max Wattage by multiplying its Amps and Voltage.

How Many Amps Can a Smart Plug Handle

The maximum amperage a smart plug can handle is up to 15 Amps of current on a standard 120V US outlet.

This is typical for most of the smart plug models I examined in the table above. Just few models are rated to 10 Amps which equals 1200 Watts.

If only Watts and Voltage are given in the smart plug’s specification, you can find max Amps by deleting the Wattage with Volts:

Amps = Watts / Volts (Watts divided by Volts).

How do you know if a smart plug is overloaded?

The first sign of overloaded smart plug is overheating. If you notice that the smart plug is becoming warmer than it usually is while in use, than first thing to do is to turn it off and unplug it from the electrical socket. It is normal for a smart plug to get warm while in use. However, if it is hot on touch, then it probably started overheating and should be immediately took out of the socket.

Smell of burning is also strong signal of overloading.

Most modern smart plugs have built-in safety feature to automatically shut off if overheating is detected.

What happens if you overload a smart plug?

If you overload a smart plug by plugging a device that exceeds the smart plug’s maximum wattage (rated wattage) there is real risk of short-circuit followed by an electrical discharge. This can potentially cause a fire.

How to know if the smart plug meets the safety standards

There is not a smart plug with a zero risk, but some plugs are more reliable than others in terms of safety. One of the best ways to ensure that a smart plug is reliable is to ensure that it has the FCC/CE marks. These marks certify that the smart plug meets the necessary safety standards.

“Many products require CE markingOpens in a new tab. before they can be sold in the EU. CE marking indicates that a product has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements. It is required for products manufactured anywhere in the world that are then marketed in the EU.”

smart plug with CE certificate
Smart Plug for EU market with CE certificate

“When an electronic device has an FCC certificate, it means the product has been tested to comply with FCC standards and it has been approved. An FCC certificationOpens in a new tab. does not imply that the product is safe or durable. It simply means that it meets regulated limits for ionizing radiation.”

Smart Plug for US market with FCC certificate

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