Send large files through Yahoo Mail using Dropbox

After Gmail and Outlook did integration of their mailboxes with Google DriveOpens in a new tab. and SkyDriveOpens in a new tab. respectively, finally it was Yahoo’s turn to do the same. From a couple of days ago, we have Yahoo mail integrated with Dropbox. What does this mean? This means that instead of sending email attachments the traditional way – there is alternative for you to simply add attachments, which are already placed in your Dropbox folder, by inserting their links!

Attach files from Dropbox to Yahoo mail

After you open New message, from Attachment Options menu choose “Share from Dropbox”. You will be offered to sign in using an existing account or to sign up for a new account by following on screen instructions.

Send email attachments from dropbox

After you have linked your Dropbox account to Yahoo, you are ready to go. Procedure is easy and straightforward (Notice that special subfolder “Yahoo! Mail” was created under Dropbox folder) :

Yahoo Mail folder is created under the root folder

Select the files you want to send and you are done!

Select files from Dropbox to be attached

Attached files are represented as links inserted in the body:

Dropbox files attached as links in the email body

Save email attachments directly to Dropbox

For all received emails with attachments, you can either save them locally to your computer or directly to the Dropbox folder (there is option to save each file separately or all together at once):

Save all attachments to Dropbox

Send attachments larger than 25 MB

Having in mind that Dropbox does not limit you for the size of the files, as long as you don’t reach capacity of your Dropbox online storage – you can attach movies, video clips, mp3 albums and all other kinds of files you have ever wanted to send through Yahoo Mail bigger than 25 MB. Just drag and drop the file into the email and don’t forget to send it through Dropbox.

Attach large files with Dropbox

Watch automatic slideshow from attached pictures

If your friend send you huge number of picturesOpens in a new tab. taken from the last picnic, don’t worry. You don’t need to see them one by one – just click “Slideshow” link which is located above the pictures and an automatic slideshow will run.

Watch slideshow from pictures attached using Dropbox

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