Get email when user submits Google Form

Either you are conducting an online survey or  receiving applicationsOpens in a new tab. through Google Forms, you may want to set notification rules for every change against the underlying Google Spreadsheet. As you know, there is a Google Spreadsheet behind any Google Form where all responses are being collected.

In certain situations it is good to configure email notifications for changes made to a Google Spreadsheet. Google gives you a granular control over which actions will trigger the email. This way you can set notifications for any change made to a spreadsheet, for any change made to a specific cells or when other collaborators are added or removed.

To enable email notifications for each submitted form, open the corresponding spreadsheet and navigate to the Tools > Notification rules and check option “Notify me when a user submits a form“.

As for the frequency of sending emails, you have two options: to send it right away and as a daily digest.

Screenshot 1:

Get email for Google Form responses

Screenshot 2:

Get email when user submits form


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