Ever wanted to receive your Google Calendar agenda into your Gmail? Similar to Microsoft’s “Outlook Today” which summarizes all your appointments, tasks and events for the upcoming day – it is also possible to receive all your daily events right in your Gmail mailbox. Google Calendar does have this feature as well, but it is disabled by default. You need to enable this feature for each of the calendars that is subject of your interest, including the shared calendars. This applies also to Google Apps users.

Go to Calendar and click the gear-wheel and then select Settings. From the Calendar Settings, click the Calendars tab. On the right side of the screen you will notice that you can edit notification settings for each one of them. Click Edit notifications.

Calendar notification settings

Now, go to the section “Choose how you would like to be kept up-to-date” and tick the check-box Daily agenda.

Gmail daily agenda

As you can see, you will receive an email with your daily agenda every day at 5am in your current time zone.

Or, you can receive an SMS on your smartphone for each event individually.

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