Pin any program to Taskbar

After you installOpens in a new tab. Windows 7, you may notice that it comes with already pre-pinned programs in the Taskbar such as: Windows Media Player, Windows Explorer or Internet ExplorerOpens in a new tab.. Good thing is that this list is not final and you can modify it according to your personal needs and pin whichever program you want.

Here is how it goes:

From the Start menu, navigate to the “All Programs” list and locate the program you want to pin:

Pin program to taskbar

Then right-click on the program (in this case I pinned MS Word 2013) and from the context menu choose “Pin to Taskbar”.

Newly pinned programs to taskbar

Another approach is, when you have the program opened just right-click and choose “Pin this program to taskbar”.

Pin opened program to taskbar

How to remove pinned program from taskbar

Just right click on the already pinned program and choose “Unpin this program from Taskbar”

Unpin program from Windows taskbar

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