How to import Country drop down list in Google Forms

If you need to import a multiple lines of text into a Google Form so that each line represents a different answer then you shouldn’t do that manually one by one. Either it is multiple choice, checkboxes or drop down list – there is a trick how to import multiple lines at once.

The most characteristic example is importing a country drop down list in a form. There are more than 200 countries and it doesn’t make sense to retype them one by one. Therefore, Google Forms allow the COPY-PASTE function. You only need a predefined list of the required items. Select all of them with CTRL+A and paste them in the form using CTRL+V. You can have them in Notepad, Word or any other text editor. Maybe it is best to make the list in Notepad in order to get rid of the text formatting.

You may use this Google DocOpens in a new tab. as a starting point. Since it is a read-only document, save a copy and then modify it according to your specific needs, such as changing the order, add/remove lines etc. Or, check this site where all countriesOpens in a new tab. in the world are listed in alphabetical order.


Optionally, read how to configure the Form to send you an emailOpens in a new tab. after each submission.

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  1. Just giving you a quick heads up that I see “North Korea” and “Korea, North,” as well as “South Korea” and “Korea, South.”

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