Add friends as contributors to your Facebook photo album

Facebook has added a new functionality to photo albumsOpens in a new tab., it is called “Shared Albums”. This means that for a specific photo album you can invite some of your friends to be contributors, which basically mean they could edit the content of that photo album: upload and tag photos, edit details and optionally invite other contributors. Only the privacy is controlled by the owner of the photo album.

How to create Shared photo album

For the album you’ve created, go and click “Make Shared Album”:

Make Shared Album on Facebook and add Contributors


Next, choose Contributors. Optionally, if you want, give them the possibility to invite other Contributors:

Choose contributors and select privacy for shared photo albums


Last step is to select audience or who will be able to see the photo album. There are three options available:
Public: anyone can see the photos
Friends of Contributors: contributors, people tagged in the photos and friends of tagged people can see the photos
Contributors Only: only contributors and people tagged in the photos can see the photos.


Photo credits: FacebookOpens in a new tab.

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