This Infographic shows numbers and facts why mobile marketing via text messaging continues to grow:

  • 3.05 billion out of 4 billion phones in the world are SMS reachable, which is 76%. Other 27% or 1.08 billion phones in the world are smartphones, which can also do text messaging.
  • 8 out of 10 mobile users use text messaging.
  • In year 2007 240.8 billion text messages were sent globally. In 2012, this number was 2.270 trillion.
  • Here is the open rate at which people open messages:

– 98% of mobile text messages are being opened
– 29% of Twitter messages are being opened
– 16% of Facebook messages
– And only 12% of email messages

Mobile Marketing Via Text Messaging

Image credits: Visually.


According to Trumpia, the company which published this Infographic originally on, marketing through text messages provides great reach and ROI and in this terms leading to purchases 41% of the time, which beats social media and telemarketing.

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