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At first sight you may think this TED video is a mockery, but then you will realize how many of these tricks you are not using at all. Although these naive tips are no brainer, they will make you to think twice about the precious time you can save.

Here is the list of 10 universal tech tips by New York Times tech columnist David Pogue:

1. Scroll down – instead of using the mouse wheel, just press the SPACE bar on the keyboard for scrolling down. One hit is one page down. For going one page UP, press and hold the SHIFT button and then keep pressing the SPACE bar. Simple as that.

Use the TAB key to move from one box to another. For example when you’re filling out online form, just hit the TAB key to move cursor to the next field. The reverse process is: press and hold the SHIFT key and then press the TAB key.

2. Choosing an option from a drop down menu – it’s not necessary to open the drop down (or pop-up) menu, especially if it contains a long list of items. Just type the first letter of the word you look for. For example, if you look for Bahamas, you don’t need to open the menu which contains all the countries of the world. Just keep pressing the B button until you find it.

3. Increase/Decrease the font on a web page – if you read an online newspaper or whatever, and the text is too small, then press the CTRL key and hit the “plus” sign to increase the text. Press CTRL and “minus” to decrease the text. You can also change the font by holding the CTRL button pressed and scrolling the mouse wheel. CTRL + 0 (Control + Zero) returns the default text size.

4. Get “period, space and capital letter” with just two clicks. According to David Pogue, if you press the space button twice in short time it will do the right punctuation by putting period, space and will start next sentence with capital letter.

Notice: this didn’t work on my Sony XPERIA Miro smartphone.

5. Last dialed number – don’t go to call log in order to dial last number again. All you need is to hit dial button again and it will be put in the box. (Notice: Well, I think this is not applicable for every phone, sorry).

6. Leaving a message on voicemail: don’t wait too much time for the instructions. Learn the keystroke adopted by the telephone carrier and save time (some of these should work: # for AT&T and T-Mobile, * for Verizon. It’s not perfect but it may work).

7. Google is not only a search engine: it also can be used as online dictionary. Type “define” and then the word you want explanation of. Google instant search can also help you with given suggestions. You can also find flight details for particular flight numbers or airliners. Utilize Google also as units and currency converter.

8. Text manipulation: double-click to highlight word instead traditional selection method. When you want to delete a highlighted word don’t use DELETE or Backspace button, just start typing over it. Triple click to select a paragraph.

9. Turn your $ 50 camera into $ 1000 camera: Half-press the shutter button to pre-focus (see the video below for funny explanation).

10. Power Point blackout: if you are holding a presentation and you notice that audience change the focus on the slide and is not watching you, just hit the B button to blackout the current slide. Hitting the letter W will whiteout the slide (hit once again W to return back).

Do you have your own time saving tech-tips? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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